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Enhance your health and well-being at every stage of life. NovaMD redefines women's health with products designed to restore, rejuvenate, and fortify your body.

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NovaMD is the best doctor-formulated support for the everyday woman.

Created by Dr. Vonda, NovaMD is dedicated to empowering the everyday woman with a science-backed approach to wellness. Our range of products, infused with clinically proven ingredients, promotes optimal health and wellness at every stage of life. Experience the best in women’s wellness with NovaMD, where science meets feminine care.

NovaMD helps in managing the effects of aging by addressing hormonal shifts and digestive concerns.

  • 1Hot Flashes & Night Sweats
  • 2Stress & Mood Swings
  • 3Weight Gain
  • 4Brain Fog & Exhaustion
  • 5Joint & Muscle Discomfort
  • 6Sleep Issues
  • 7Feminine Health & Libido
  • 8Healthy Aging
  • 9Cellular Energy
  • 10Muscle Health
  • 11Heart Health
  • 12Gas & Bloating
  • 13Constipation
  • 14Digestion
  • 15Vaginal Microbiota
  • 16Vaginal pH
  • 17Immune Support
  • 18Feminine Health

Hot flashes and night sweats can make your daily life and sleep schedules erratic. Menopause throws your internal thermostat out of whack, leaving you constantly battling sudden temperature changes.

How we target

Our Advanced Menopause Support formula includes Rhapontici Rhubarb extract, known for its estrogenic effects, which helps in balancing your body's hormones. This can bring much-needed relief from hot flashes and night sweats.

  • 80% of woman

    ...will experience muscular-skeletal signs of menopause with increased joint pain and arthritis.

  • 70% of aging

    ...is determined by our choices, vs. only 30% by our genetic makeup.

  • 50-75 Years of age

    ...in studies show that there is no significant decline in performance.


Dr. Vonda Wright

NovaMD was formulated by Dr. Vonda Wright, a double-board certified orthopedic surgeon and internationally recognized authority on active aging. With over 20 years practicing medicine, she’s a public speaker, medical researcher, published author, biotech consultant, and non-profit founder. She’s shared her insights on national TV programs like The Today Show, GMA, and Dr. Oz, written 5 books, and given keynotes across the globe. After struggling with menopause and aging and realizing how much disinformation is currently out there on both topics, she knew she had to get women the help they deserved.

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Recently, I lost weight and slept better with the menopause support supplement. I highly recommend it to everyone I meet.

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I feel more energetic and confident. Vaginal dryness has decreased significantly, and my libido has increased. Body aches are much better, and I'm regularly doing squats!

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Within a week, I felt more alert, even during my usual afternoon slump. Could skip afternoon caffeine easily, had improved cognition, better mood, and quality sleep.

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My skin is glowing. My hair is shiny. My weight is where I want it to be. My self confidence is back.
— GEORGIA N., 58
My hot flashes were 5, 6, or 7x a day… But now I'm not feeling hot and tired and irritable and whatever else was going on.
— Rhayne T., 56
I've been sleeping better… I feel more balanced, I don't get that creakiness in my joints... I’m moving around a lot better.
— Anne D., 58
I was having 6-8 really bad flashes a day. I’m down to 1 a day. Sleep is better.
— Adrienne B., 57